Advocate (VMI-M)

Most likely type to... deeply affected by natural beauty
...believe that all people are equal
...prefer being called “weird” to being like everyone else

Advocates cherish authenticity in themselves and others. They thrive on lofty ideas, seeking theories and practices that advance their understanding of what it means to be human. Cold facts aren’t as interesting to Advocates as the almost spiritual connection that people can share, and they firmly put such connections first.

With that in mind, this type is open to considering different views and philosophies of life, always pondering and seeking better ways to develop – and live – their ideals. They’re judicious in this search, comparing new perspectives to what they already know and accept. This helps them balance their imaginations, the evolution of their beliefs guided by the value they place on structure.

This dedicated process produces strong convictions. Once Advocates have achieved a cohesive view, they believe in it strongly and seek to share it with others. This type’s certainty brings a sense of pride, and they fiercely defend their conclusions against anything they see as unfair. Advocates love to promote their beliefs and aren’t afraid to argue for them passionately.

This is motivated by well-intentioned ideals, though, and Advocates take little pleasure in conflict even when they feel they must speak out. As firm as they can be in asserting their beliefs, chief among their goals is social harmony. If they push, it’s to bring people together and into alignment. And because they value cohesion so much, they’re quick to defend others, pointedly calling out any injustice or disrespect for the good of all.

This forthright facet of their nature makes even these Introverted types charismatic to others, especially those with similar values. Advocates’ voices aren’t always loud, but they don’t always need to be. Their resolve is impressive at any volume, speaking their inner strength in often-gentle tones.

A common expression of their values is helping others – once they’ve set their hearts and minds on causes they believe in, they engage and promote them with devotion. However, Advocates aren’t usually satisfied with merely treating symptoms of a problem – they crave systemic solutions that cure issues at their roots. Simply put, Advocates demand real change in the world.

Despite such passion and warm willingness to engage with others, Advocates need personal time not only to recharge but to compose. Having access to a stable, private environment is critical for these types to create and do their best work. Their goals and paths in life may take them cheerfully into groups of people, but Advocates need time to themselves as well.

This isn’t to say that select individuals aren’t welcomed into their personal lives and spaces. Advocates love nothing better than finding kindred spirits – people they can trust with their innermost thoughts, feelings, and ideas for the future. As individualistic as this type can be, deep and honest connections with others feel like a tangible manifestation of their ideals.

Because of this, the deep relationships Advocates build over time are immensely precious to them. They want to believe in people, and when others prove worthy of their faith, it’s a joyful culmination that energizes them. It takes only a few such relationships to sustain this type in life, but they’re always ready to share an inspired and heartfelt conversation with someone new.