Get the Most
Out of Your Team

Learn what makes your team tick, identify its weak points, and take it to the next level with our engaging, research-based team assessments.

How does this work?

1. Discover
All team members join the online portal and take a number of assessments covering your team’s dominant communication styles, problem solving strategies, motivation, and more.
2. Analyze
Everyone reviews both their individual and team-level reports, discussing insights and recommendations. The team leader will also receive a special report with personalized suggestions.
3. Grow
Once you’ve read through the reports, we move on to workshops designed to help you explore and reflect on your team’s results. You’ll not only learn a lot – we promise you’ll have fun too!

Why MindTrackers?

Smart and helpful
Our team building toolkit not only offers 7 enlightening assessments, it also includes workshops aimed at helping you put that knowledge into practice.
Solid framework
Our assessments are built on extensive research and thousands of data points, and we’re always looking for even more insights that could help your team grow.
Easy to use
All assessments and reports are intuitive and easy to understand. Your team won’t only find them helpful and informative – they’ll have fun too.

Ready to see what’s inside?