Innovator (VSI-C)

Likely to...
...think that most TV programs are silly and superficial
...keep most of their goals and plans secret so immersed in something that they forget to eat or drink

Innovators are intellectually curious, with sharp minds and a penchant for logic. They enjoy getting accustomed to diverse ideas, pitting them against each other, and dissecting them, all to gain new insight and understanding. Driven by a quest for intellectual development, Innovators engage in analytical exercises with the goal of sharpening their minds and broadening their horizons.

Practical results are often only a byproduct of this engagement. As with a road trip, the nominal goal may be to get from point A to point B, but Innovators especially value the deeper growth and intellectual journey. They don’t adhere to (or even fully accept) a particular theory, viewpoint, or approach, but rather explore as many alternatives as possible, relying on their reason and logic to guide them.

Because of such openness, this type isn’t prone to grand claims of correctness or ideal solutions or perspectives. They understand from their own experience that new insight might easily prove such claims wrong and new discoveries might change the whole picture. Innovators tend to challenge any absolute claim, demanding an explanation and using their intellect to find any holes in it.

More broadly, Innovators question ideas they come across, gathering information and making their own analyses without lending much weight to authority or social status. They give even less weight to flimsy logic, bland truisms, or arguments based only on emotion. For this type, it’s of primary importance whether or not something makes sense, and they rarely hesitate to be direct with their questions, comments, and criticism.

In a way, Innovators can have high self-esteem and are quite willing to show their intelligence. They don’t shy away from entering into a debate or discussion over their ideas or assertions – or those of someone else, especially if enticed. They especially love lively debates with those they feel are their intellectual equals.

Yet, just as they seek to expose others’ weak arguments, Innovators can admit when they don’t understand something or know the solution to a problem. They value truth and would rather discard a false notion than have it limit their understanding. They dislike grandstanding, claims of wisdom, and abilities that lack substance. Innovators challenge such people and the images they’re trying to project.

And they’re good at it. Innovators are intuitive theorists, noticing underlying patterns where others are distracted by a façade. But as intellectual as they may be, they aren’t ones to enjoy constant social interaction or regimented schedules. Innovators love the freedom and solitude to take their time exploring ideas they find interesting, unconstrained by structured steps or social scrutiny.

For this type, almost everything is measured by a yardstick of intellectual development, and they take pleasure in accumulating more and more knowledge, making their insights ever keener. By dissecting structures and ideas, stripping out the underlying laws that make them function and putting them to use in new ways, Innovators innovate new and brilliant practices.