Mediator (VSI-M)

Likely to...
...refuse to divide people into winners and losers
...give their children a lot of freedom
...make an anonymous donation rather than a public one

Mediators are free-spirited individuals who value authenticity. They’re true idealists who place understanding themselves and their place in the world as primary goals. These types love to explore different ideas in search of insight and project themselves passionately into their work. They like playing with concepts, imagining different possibilities and their consequences. The hypothetical and philosophical are so enjoyable for them that they may often drift into deep thought.

With such roaming minds, Mediators aren’t prone to adhere to a single philosophical system of thought. They seek authentic personal insight that arises from their own lives and exploration and isn’t just something that follows from a set of premises or theoretical foundations. This type wants insight and understanding to naturally arise from their own thought and engagement with the world.

From such experience, they tend to think that grandiose attitudes that speak of themselves as everlastingly true, absolute, or eternal are almost never appropriate. Mediators often have strong reservations about ideas set in stone. They believe that views and beliefs tend to shift and change usefully as a person gains new insight.

Rarely perfectionistic, Mediators don’t spend too much time worrying what others think about them or whether the results of their work are flawless in every way. They understand that growing and learning are processes, and they can’t just jump to its end right away. They often adopt a philosophical approach to life, adapting to challenges as they go.

However, as open they may be in other areas, Mediators do tend to firmly value kindness and thoughtfulness. Their authentic morality revolves around their idealistic values rather than just utility, effectiveness, economic value, or rewards and punishments. They embrace metaphors and symbols more than cold facts and logic, as they feel insight and values can more deeply be conveyed through them.

And their values run deep. Mediators try to be considerate, well-intentioned, and respectful toward others even if they passionately disagree with them. Their worldview makes them inclined to seek harmony in their lives and the surrounding environment, always trying to find positive facets with which to connect.

But this doesn’t mean that Mediators shy away from defending their beliefs and actions when they’re challenged. What’s more, they rarely hesitate to call someone out if their actions or words appear malicious or ill-intentioned – it’s on such occasions that their inner flame and passion can truly shine.

Their imagination shines as well. Mediators can be quite confident in their ideas and aren’t shaken by disagreement. What Mediators care about – and what gives them confidence – is that their ideas rest on their personal insight and connection to the world. Their unique outlook and inner insight on life mean they’re not always truly understood, but when they find like-minded people to collaborate with, the resulting harmony becomes a fountain of inspiration.