Peacemaker (VSI-S)

Likely to... fascinated by myths and legends
...enjoy doing crafts or art projects
...believe there is way too much inequality in society

Peacemakers excel at bringing peace and harmony to their environment and the people close to them. Mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and idealistic, their rich imaginations drive a desire to come to understand the significance and weight of human thought and emotion, as well as their own place in the world.

This type enjoys contemplating different ideas and imagining different outcomes, taking their time to immerse themselves into the experience of such exploration. They like playing with ideas and venturing into the hypothetical and the philosophical, trying out different possibilities and connections.

As they seek these connections, they don’t like to guide themselves by a specific theory or approach, but instead, find different viewpoints or perspectives and let their insight arise as they go. Drawing from their own exploration and life experiences is how they ensure their insight is authentic and true, and not merely a consequence of adhering to only one standpoint.

In fact, Peacemakers tend to have reservations when an idea or viewpoint is held up as entirely and everlastingly true – it feels like a limitation to them. They understand from their own experience that ongoing understanding and insight can significantly change their outlook on the big picture, often unexpectedly. Given this, they look dimly on claims of finality or superiority for a current belief or idea.

While they may not always agree with narrower views, Peacemakers have no interest in having power over others and don’t care for domineering attitudes at all. They prefer an approach where everyone’s voice is heard, and views are taken into account. This type deeply values companionship, authenticity, and cooperation, and tends to be generous and considerate toward others. They take great care not to offend or bluntly dismiss other people’s viewpoints, and instead look for their good intentions and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Peacemakers show this regard for others in many ways. They’re good at providing deeply thoughtful emotional support to those dear to them – and, with their optimism, they also provide a bright worldview that inspires compassion and harmony. What’s more, they usually offer all of this with a pure intent rather than seeking rewards or praise.

Despite being genuinely interested in people’s needs, Peacemakers tend to find themselves drained by a lot of social interaction. They enjoy some solitary time where they can let their thoughts flow or engage in some creative pursuits. This need to recover their energy, along with their lack of pretension and preference for avoiding the spotlight, can make them seem a little reclusive.

However, people quickly realize that this type’s gentle, thoughtful nature makes them invaluable wherever there’s a need for a sensitive and idealistic touch. A Peacemaker’s quiet enthusiasm, empathy, and curiosity is a needed and useful counterpoint to other types’ firm, confident, or rational approach – to all they participate in, they bring deep humanity.